MDH Property Care LLC

HOA and Condo Associations

MDH Property Care understands the many challenges HOA and condo association boards and trustees must face. Budgets, contractor reliability,  and municipal cut backs are just a few challenges associations must face when choosing a landscape or snow removal contractor. MDH Property Care has set up a special package for all HOA and condo associations large and small.

1) Set price per acre for common areas and public areas

2) Mowing for single family homes not included in HOA maintained landscaping areas receive large discounts for being part of the HOA

3) Snow removal 24/7 for all parking lots, driveways, sidewalks within the association 

4) Curbside leaf removal ( we collect leaves much like municipalities with collection vacuum equipment and haul leaves to compost site) This service is great so leaves don't sit on your curbs for weeks on end waiting for the city to collect them.

5) Junk removal and bulk trash pickup. Many communities have gone to automated trash collection and limit the amount and type of trash that can be placed curbside. We have a program that picks up items from individuals garage, house, or yard and disposes of them at an EPA approved landfill or transfer station. This service allows you a year round means to get rid of unwanted items such as couches, desks, mattresses, large volume of bags and boxes, construction material etc. that the city or your trash hauler simply wont collect. This service is based on volume of debris and a large discount is given for all members of your HOA or condo association.

6) Mulch is discounted for individual residents not included in HOA maintained landscape areas giving the whole neighborhood availability to quality mulch at an affordable price. Mulch can be delivered and spread or just delivered at a discounted rate for all HOA or condo association members.

Please contact us for more information on our home owner and condominium association programs. We have many services to offer at affordable prices. We look forward to working with you.
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