• Spring and fall cleanups- In the spring before mowing season begins and in the fall as the season comes to an end there is usually a lot of debris in your lawn and landscape. MDH Property Care LLC offers cleanup of these debris, cleaning out of gutters, cutting back of bushes and perennial flowers, and removal of annual plants that wil not survive the frost and tough Ohio winters.
  • Leaf Removal- Clean up leaves and haul away or leave curbside
  • Fertilization- We offer a six treatment program to keep your turf as healthy and green. Our treatments are a granular treatment applied in the early spring, spring, summer, fall, and late fall. We also offer a grub treatment to prevent grubs from eating the roots of grass and leaving bare spots in the lawn
  • Bush and hedge trimming- All bushes are trimmed to your specifications and clippings are removed from your property
  • Mulching- Choose from a variety of bark mulches and colors. Also available are gravels and rubber mulches used an alternative to the traditional wood mulch
  • Landscape design and installation-Design and install patios, pavers, landscape and flower beds, walkways, retaining walls, ponds, and any other landscape feature you can think of
  • Small tree removal and 24 hour emergency downed tree service- MDH Property Care LLC will cut down and remove any tree on your property that doesnt need any specialized tree trimming equipment i.e. bucket truck, climbing gear, crane service, etc. We also offer 24 hour storm removal for trees and limbs that fall on houses, driveways and parking lots during storms and high winds.
  • Lawn aeration and over seeding- We use a plug aerator to pull small plugs of dirt out of the turf. Then we use a scotts high quality grass seed to over seed for a thicker greener lawn
  • Lawn replacement- For lawns that are too far gone for aeration or fertilization we will remove the old grass and dirt, replace with high quality topsoil, and seed or sod your lawn for a new thick green look
  • Reo Property Preservation- Lock changes, Initial secures, debris removal, boarding, wire capping, inspections, winterizations, maid service, are just some of the many property preservation services offered by MDH. We are a full service property preservation company and service all of Northeast Ohio. We offer 24 hour emergency window and door boarding. This service gives you piece of mind if you have an unsecure opening in your home after hours.
  • Curbside leaf removal- Tired of waiting on the city to collect your leaves from the curb? MDH Property Care offers curbside leaf collection and removal at a reasonable price. You rake your leaves to the curb or tree lawn and give us a call. We will bring our leaf vacuum equipment out and suck your leaves up within 24 hours. This prevents dead grass on the tree lawn and eliminates leaves you already raked from blowing back into your yard. Please do not place sticks or other debris in your leaf pile as it will damage vacuum equipment. Any sticks or limbs may be placed beside the leaf pile and collected separately at an attritional cost.
  • Delivery- Mulch, topsoil, gravel delivery.




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